The Grace Company has some really awesome tools to help you take your quilting to the next level. With Quilt CAD you can create your own designs on your computer and print them out as a pantograph pattern or you can use QuiltMotion with your computer and have your design stitched out perfectly every time. Pantograph patterns are for tracing with a laser stylus. You follow the line of the pattern with the red dot of the laser. Most machine quilting frames have a table for your pantograph pattern to rest. We recommend you quilt on the back side of your frame where the table is. Following the dot from the laser is much easier when you stand behind your frame. Pantograph patterns can be a great tool but they can be somewhat limited so having a tool like Quilt CAD can be nice because you can design your own pattern and print it out. If you want to make changes you can make a change, save it with a different name and BAM!, you have two variations of that pattern in your quilt design library. If you want to take your quilting to the next level you can have your computer help you stitch out your patterns. Quilt CAD has a library of designs that you can stitch out, or you can modify them to create your own patterns. QuiltMotion reads your library files you saved in Quilt CAD. We recommend you learn to quilt on your frame before you dive into computer assisted quilting, but after you know your way around your quilting frame QuiltMotion can really be a cool tool to help your quilting.