Quilting Frames

Machine Quilting Frames made by the Grace Company

The Grace Company has been making quilting frames for over 38 years.  They are now the world leader in the manufacture of quilting frames. They make the best frames because they have some of the best engineers in the industry that understand machine quilting. 

These frames are made specifically for use with either Block RockiT or Q'nique Machine Quilters. When choosing a frame you need to determine the space you have and the machine throat size you will put on it. 

The Continuum II frame is the professional frame that comes in 8, 10, or 12 foot lengths. The cost is the same regardless what length you choose. The Continuum II is the frame we recommend unless you don't have enough space then the Q-Zone Hoop or Cutie Table Top Frame will be the next frames to consider.


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