Price Guarantee

Call to see how we price match any Grace Dealer's best price 

Kathy and I hate to see people purchasing their quilting frames and supplies from Grace Dealers that will not or cannot support them after they get your money because of lack of knowledge of the Q'nique Quilting Machines. We sell quilting frames from the Grace Company because they are the best engineered in the quilting industry! With the right help and guidance, learning to quilt on your frame can be challenging but something that anyone that has a desire to learn can do. If you are left on your own to figure out how to quilt, results can be frustrating. Kathy and I cannot bear the fact that people that fail in their attempts to learn how to machine quilt could have been successful if they would have purchased thier quilting system from KathyQuilts and taken advantage of our personalized training. We cannot publish how we match prices but you will get a better deal from KathyQuilts

If you find a lower price we will work with you so you know you are getting right machine and quilting frame you really need. We know several Grace Dealers sell all the major brands and don't really care what they sell as long as they close a deal! They that look at these frames as a great way to make money but they have no intentions providing the personalized service that Kathy Quilts offers. guarantees that we will help you get the right frame and help you to learn how to quilt on it. You can call or email us for as long as you own your frame. Email Lynn or call (888)826-0222

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