Perfect Weather for Quilting?

Feb 2, 2022

January seemed to last forever!  Don't get me wrong, we did a lot of fun stuff but I always like when February rolls around. It seems like getting January out of the way is like, "Let's get on with 2022". It looks like the Ground Hog defiantly saw his shadow so it looks like six more weeks of Winter.  We need the snow so hopefully we will be able to add to the snow pack and help Utah get out of the drought. I know there are a lot of western states that struggle with drought so we pray that they will get some relief as well.

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in ways we could never fathom in year past. Who would have thought we would be dealing with so much confusion with mask mandates, whether to get vaccinated or not (Kathy and I have had all 3 shots and we have also dodged the COVID bullet so far), and staying away from large crowds. My mom passed on the 3rd of January, never did get COVID, She was 88. We had her funeral with quite a large gathering and a luncheon afterwards. I prayed that no one would get sick from all of those people and no one did!

Kathy and I have made the decision to not do any quilt shows at least until 2023. It seems like many of the quilting shows are very low on attendance because of COVID-19 so it makes more sense to focus our efforts on making more videos. We love to quilt and want to share that we anyone that wants to learn how to sharpen their quilting skills.  We are working on setting up a streaming service so the videos can be watched commercial free. We will keep you updated. Stay safe and keep quilting!!

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