Trade in / Trade up

We hope that you have loved using your Block RockiT or Q'nique over the years, as we have loved using them. For many of us, the Block RockiT was our first foray into long-arm quilting. The price was affordable and it was just a great way to get started.  We are so excited to be able to provide you with larger machine options!  We are starting our new Trade In / Trade Up program for those of us that would really like to be able to quilt larger areas without having to split them up in two or more passes.

What is my Block RockiT worth?

  • $2,000 credit for all Block RockiT 14+ or 15 machines.
  • The credit given is eligible towards a brand new Block RockiT 19, Block RockiT 21R, or the Block RockiT 21 Pro.

Will I need a new Quilting Frame?

When you upgrade to the Block RockiT 19, 21R, or 21 Pro you must have the Grace Company Continuum frame, which is the only frame that will hold these larger machines. So if you do not have this frame, then, YES, you will need to get a new frame.
I’m ready to go for it! What should I do next?
You need to call Kathy Quilts at (888)826-0222 so we can guide you through the upgrade process.
When you trade in your machine you will need to ship it in the original box, if you do not have that box we can ship one to you for $99.  That includes the cost of the box and cost of shipping it to you.  We will have you ship the machine directly to the Grace Company.

If you find it physically difficult to get your machine down to the shipping store we, for an additional $100, we can have UPS bring a Call Tag and pick your machine up for you.  

After we have a tracking number and know your machine is on it way to the Grace Company we will ship your upgrade machine out!

Please be patient with us as this is a new program. There may be some changes that will need to be made along the way. If you would like to share your thoughts/ideas with us regarding this new program please contact us! We at Kathy Quilts are always looking forward to helping you make the most out of your quilting experience.