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Attaching Leaders on Launch Pad Frame


 Installing Optical Encoders on Block RockiT



Using Your Machine

 Kathy's Quick Tips: Spirals  
 Kathy's Quick Tips: Stars  


 Adjusting your Tension  


Timing your Block RockiT











































Tension Issues

Tension seems to be the number one thing that people have a question about when they machine quilt. It is a pretty simple thing to adjust so you don't need to be afraid to adjust it.

If your stitch looks like it is not quite what you are looking for here are some basic things to check first:

  • Unthread and rethread your machine, many times we find that the top thread isn't seated all the way in the tension disks. You might have to move the thread back and forth like you are flossing your teeth. The thread needs to be all the way in the tension.
  • Make sure the thread hasn't popped out of one of the hooks that are part of the threading process and that you didn't miss the check spring that is part of top tension assembly
  • Loosen your top tension so that you see some loops on the bottom of your quilt. 
  • Turning the top tension knob a half turn or quarter turn, tighten it and the loops should start to tighten up. If they don't there is a chance that you have some lint in the top tension assembly or in the bobbin case.

Click here to view a really nice video by Jamie Wallen that will explain tension




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