Why you need the 3 piece hopping foot set

Aug 8, 2019

If you machine quilt you know that it is important to see what you are quilting if you are free motion quilting.  The 3 piece hopping foot set includes an open toe foot so you can see what you are quilting. If you have ever wanted to do any ruler work, the foot that comes with the Block RockiT 15 (or 14+, it is the same machine) or Q'nique lonarm quilter just isn't made to work very well with rulers and guides. There is a ruler foot included with the 3 piece hopping foot set that will let you follow rulers the way the rulers were designed to be used.

Kathy Quilts is having a free shipping sale on the 3 - Piece hopping foot set through the end of August. This is for all Block RockiT and Q'nique Quilter machines.  Order today and don't miss out.

- Lynn

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