Groz Beckert Multi-Range Block RockiT and Qnique Machine Needles - Size 12/80

Longarm Machine Needles for Q'nique and Block RockiT 12/80

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Groz Beckert Multi-Range Qnique and Block RockiT Long Arm Machine Quilter Size 12/80 Needles (10 Pack)

The MR Needles are speicalized for multi-directional quilting projects such as long-arm machine quilting. With its special blade and scarf geometry (check out the images that shows the needle profile), the Groz-Beckert MR needle offers outstanding bending resistance (deflection resistance), lending it extreme stability over its entire working area. Added to this is an unusually deep and extended scarf. This permits extremely tight adjustment of the looper to the needle. The deep thread groove, extending also into the eye area, guarantees optimum protection of the thread from shredding.

Top Benefits of the MR Needle:

  • Less needle deflection
  • Less needle breakage
  • Fewer skipped stitches
  • Less thread breakage

What size Needle should I use?

The size of your needle will be related to the thread weight you are using. Superior Threads Omni is a Polyester Thread that we love to use when quilting on long-arm machine.  It is strong and the quilts will last basically forever! Omni is a 40 wt thread so Superior Threads recommends a size 18 needle. We like the MR (Multi-Range) needles because you will be moving in all directions when quilting on a long-arm machine. If you want to quilt on Batik fabric, a size 18 needle will punch a large hole in the fabric that will not close around the thread because of the wax in the fabric. Use a size 16 or even a 14 when quilting with thinner threads. You can use ultra-fine monofilament thread (clear thread) with a size 14 needle. Remember that if you change your top thread you will need thinner thread in the bobbin like 60 or 100 weight. Pre-wound bobbins are usually 60 wt so you might be fine with that thread. Kathy tries to use the same weight thread top and bottom and same color if possible.

Sew it off before quilting on your quilt

We like to use a sew off piece before ever taking on stitch on our quilt that is loaded on a machine frame. There are a lot of people that feel like they want to have an extra strip of quilt that they load on the side of their frame so they can check the tension before quilting on their real quilt. The downside to this method is that it takes up valuable space that you might need for a larger quilt. Kathy and I recommend using a scrap piece of quilt that you might have from cutting up a practice quilt. It should be about 8 X 8 inches or a little larger to make it easy to stitch on. Pull your bobbin thread to the top of the quilt and stitch on the sew off piece to see what your stitches look like. If you have a stitch regulated machine you may hold the piece in your left hand and move the machine around, forward and back, side to side to make sure it doesn't skip in any direction. This method works really well because sometime skipped stitches will be related to how you have the quilt loaded on your frame. After you are done stitching on your sew off piece, stitch to the edge and stop. Pull the sew off piece about six or seven inches away from the needle and flip it over to check out the tension. Are you getting any loops, nubs, eye lashing, gobs of thread (nesting)? If so, tighten the top thread tension to draw the bobbin thread up into the quilt so you have beautiful stitch.

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