Factory Re-Certified Grace Company Q'nique 21X Elite - Kathy Quilts Edition - long-arm Machine

Factory Re-Certified Grace Company Q'nique 21X Elite 21 inch Long-Arm Machine Quilter



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    Are you a professional quilter or hobby quilter?

Factory Re-Certified Grace Company Q'nique 21X Elite 21 inch Long-Arm Machine Quilter

The Q'nique 21X Elite is the top of the line long-arm quilting machine that we have all been waiting for. The 7 inch touch screen gives you access to machine functions, and on-screen help guides so you don't have to look in the user manual.

The 21X Elite is a 21 inch throat Long-arm Machine that will go head to head with any machine in its class and not come up short. It has a 2,600 stitches a minute capability and a stitch regulator can keep up with that speed. 

21 inches is a great size for a long-arm. The Q'nique 21X Elite is weighs about 60 pounds but it glides around the track of the Quilter's Evolution frame or Continuum II frame so effortlessly you hardly realize it is that heavy. It is so quiet and smooth. The previous versions of the Q'nique 21 were wonderful machines but this is a whole new chapter in what the Grace Company has been able to achieve through being innovative and not just copying what other long-arm machine companies have done.

The Q'nique 21X Elite departs from other long arm machines in that the needle up/down and the on/off buttons are on the same handle. This might seem odd to people that have quilted on other machines but it really makes sense when pulling the bobbin thread up to the top of your quilt. Work smarter not harder! It is nice that you can control many of the functions from the buttons on the handles as well as using the touch screen.

  • The Q'nique 21X Elite has a 7 inch color touch screen that makes finding the function you want to control intuitive and easy.
  • You can control functions to customize how you want the Needle Up/Down to work. It can take a half or a complete stitch to make pulling the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt a one touch procedure.
  • The Q'nique 21X Elite stitches at 2,600 stitches a minute so you can get your quilts done faster. This really important if you have the optional Robotics Automation, QuiltMotion, added to your Q'nique 21X Elite.
  • The innovative Bobbin estimator lets you know when you are close to running out. The bobbin estimator lets you save multiple bobbin settings for different thread sizes, 
  • The Stitch Regulator is able to keep up with the 2,600 stitches the motor cranks out! 
  • It is so easy to find the most comfortable position for your hands with the adjustable handles. 
  • The LED lights can be turned on and off as well as dimming them. If you find you are having a hard time seeing your stitches turn off the LED light above the needle and get a lamp you clip on the end of your frame to cast a shadow across your quilt so you can see where you have quilted.
  • The 21X Elite comes with the Magnifique magnifying glass accessory so you can magnify your vision of your stitching 2X, 3.5X or 5X. Great feature to help you see your needle to thread it.

The Q'nique 21X Elite is available with the 8, 10, or 12 foot the Quilter's Evolution Frame Machine Quilting Frame. Due to the throat length of the Q'nique 21X Elite machine, it is compatible with Grace Frames that accommodate 21 inch machines like the Continuum and Continuum II (which are no longer in production). This listing is for the machine only.

Call us if you are thinking about upgrading and trading in your Q'nique 14+, 15, Block RockiT 14+, for 15R is worth as a trade in. We are offering $1,000 credit and you can keep your old machine and sell it yourself. 888-826-0222

 We have Zero Percent financing available through Synchrony Bank with 18, 24, 36, and 48, month options. Let us know if you are thinking about financing when you call or email us. 

 Call 1-888-826-0222 or send us an email at order-team@kathyquilts.com.

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      36 x 23 x 24 inches
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    Q'nique 21X Elite Machine Only, Q'nique 21X Elite with 10 Foot Frame Evolution Elite, Q'nique 21X Elite with 8 Foot Frame Evolution Elite, Q'nique 21X Elite with 12 Foot Frame Evolution Elite, Q'nique 21X Elite with Evolution Hoop Frame
  • Rear Handles
    No rear handles, Add rear handles
  • Laser
    No Laser, Q'nique Laser & Accessory Bracket
  • Bobbins
    No extra, 10 bobbins
  • Machine Needles
    No extra needles, Additional 20 Needles size 16's & 18's
  • Ruler Base
    No Ruler Base, Ruler Base
  • 3 Piece Hopping Foot Set
    No, 3 Piece Hopping Feet Set
  • QuiltMotion
    No QuiltMotion, QuiltMotion Beginnings, QuiltMotion 6.0 Pro
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      Grace Company
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5.00(Votes: 2)
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  • Lynn Barlow
    Feb 28, 2024, 15:47
    I love the Grace Company 21X Elite. It is a great machine for the quilter that is just starting out as well as the seasoned professional. I like it because it makes quilting large blocks a lot easier than my 15" Block RockiT 15 used too.
  • Lorna Campbell
    Feb 28, 2024, 15:11
    I love the Qnique 21 x Elite I ordered from Kathy Quilts Their customer service is the best. Very willing to help you. Thank you
  • Made for the Professional quilter that demands a reliable machine that will be easy to use and not have to fight it every step of the way. If you enjoy quilting your customers will be happier with how beautifully their quilt turned out.
  • Perfect for the hobby quilter that still wants a top of the line machine that is easy to use and will make quilting lot of fun
  • 21 inch throat allows you to quilt at least 16 block all the way through your quilt
  • 2,600 Stitches of stitch regulated quilting per minute allows you to quilt faster with the stitch regulator keeping up 
  • Help and Guide screens help you to quickly find answers about the 21X Elite so no having to pull out the owners manual

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