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 QuiltMotion - QCT 6 Plus for all Q'nique and  Block RockiT Machine Quilters


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 QuiltMotion - QCT 6 Plus for all Q'nique and  Block RockiT Machine Quilters

QCT 6 Plus is little more automated version of QuiltMotion Automation for Block RockiT and Q'nique machine quilters. It contains all the hardware and software you need to automation your Block RockiT or Q'nique quilting system. You can scale any design that is in your library.  There are over 100 designs that come with this package. You can purchase any commercially available design online and import it into QCT 6 Plus.  You cannot create your own designs.

Size and create your blocks, pantographs, and borders to the exact dimensions of your quilt. Precisely place your patterns on your quilt with one of several placement methods. You can do a two row pantograph pattern then you have to set it up again.  This version isn't as fancy as the Standard version of QuiltMotion 5 QCT but it is a good place to start if you are on a tighter budget. There is a software upgrade to get the full version of QuiltMotion 5.

This version of QuiltMotion is made specifically for the Block RockiT and Q'nique Machines, It includes QCT 6 Plus. You receive everything you need to mount your Windows 8 or 10 Computer Tablet (Tablet NOT included). Make sure it is a full version of Microsoft Windows and not a mobile or lite version. Also make sure it has a full size USB port for connecting the tablet to the QuiltMotion modual. 

There are three versions of QuiltMotion for the Block RockiT Q'nique, 

  • QCT 6 - Gives you all the hardware and software to do Edge to Edge automated quilting at an affordable price. QCT 6 is limited but it is a great way to start on a budget. You can upgrade the software later to QCT 6 Plus or QCT 6 Pro later once you want to have more features.
  • QCT 6 Plus - Gives you all the hardware and software to place, stitch, resize any Block or Edge to Edge design in the QuiltMotion library as well as download and import commercial designs that you can find on the internet.
  • QCT 6 Pro - QCT 6 Pro is the full version which includes all the features of other versions but also enables more creative features such as fully automating Edge to Edge quilting, creating your own patterns, importing pictures to trace, and you can subscribe to Gold Card Access, (Usually $199.00 a year) which unlocks a lot of other cool features. 

"The Grace Company has worked for years and years refining and fine tuning their QuiltMotion Computerized System, adding new features, more tools for actual quilting, and it is simple and easy to set up, very user friendly and so fun to get up and quilting and set a pattern and watch the machine quilt it! QuiltMotion and the Block RockiT and Titan machines work seamlessly together, and is by far the most affordable option if you're looking for computerized quilting." - Kathy 



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