QuiltMotion 5 Pro - Quilters Creative Touch

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 QuiltMotion - Quilters Creative Touch 5 Pro for the all Block RockiT Q'nique Machine Quilters


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Grace Company QuiltMotion with Quilters Creative Touch 5 Pro Computerized Quilting System for Block RockiT 15R, 15 Pro, 21, and 21 Pro - Q'nique 14+, 15R, 15 Pro, 16X, 16X Elite 19, 19X, 19X Elite, 21R, 21 Pro, and 21X Elite

Experience the simple yet overall incredibly complete package. Enjoy unique, all-inclusive software - simple, and quilter-friendly. Digitize, size and create your blocks, pantographs, borders and full quilt layouts.

 QuiltMotion QCT 5 Pro takes you seamlessly through pattern design to stitching with absolute ease. It is so awesome to watch your Block RockiT or Titan stitch out the designs you created. QCT 5 Pro brings together all the aspects of the quilting process, seamlessly taking you from IDEA to DESIGN to REALITY.

 Digitize and design unlimited patterns utilizing simplified techniques including tracing, mirrors and optimization.

 Size and create your blocks, pantographs, and borders to the exact dimensions of your quilt. Precisely place your patterns on your quilt with one of several placement methods. This version of QuiltMotion is made specifically for the Block RockiT and Titan Machines, It includes Quilter's Creative Touch 5 Pro. You receive everything you need to mount your Windows 8 or 10 Computer Tablet (Tablet NOT included). Make sure it is a full version of Microsoft Windows and not a mobile or lite version. Also make sure it has a full size USB port for connecting your Tablet to QuiltMotion

Your Block RockiT or Q'nique machine will quilt as well as any of the name brand machines with results that are awesome but cost you thousands less to comperable systems. Small servomotors power QuiltMotion, which enables your machine to accurately place and adjust patterns, with up to a thousandth of an inch of adjustment!

There are now two version of QuiltMotion for the Block RockiT and Titan, Beginnings and QuiltMotion QCT 5 Pro, Beginnings gives you all the hardware and software to place, stitch, resize any design in the QuiltMotion library as well as download and import commercial designs that you can find on the internet. QuiltMotion QCT 5 Pro is the full version which enables more creative features such as Virtual Long-Arm Mode, Border Mode, creating your own patterns, importing pictures to trace, and many more. 

"The Grace Company has worked for years and years refining and fine tuning their QuiltMotion Computerized System, adding new features, more tools for actual quilting, and it is simple and easy to set up, very user friendly and so fun to get up and quilting and set a pattern and watch the machine quilt it! QuiltMotion works so well with the Block RockiT or Q'nique quilting machines, and is by far the most affordable option if you're looking for computer automated quilting." - Kathy Barlow of KathyQuilts



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    Q'nique or Block RockiT 15R or 14+, All Q'nique or Block RockiT 21" Series Machines, Q'nique 19 or 19X Series, Q'nique 16X or 16X Elite, Q'nique or Block RockiT 15 Pro
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    Quilter's Creative Touch 5.0 Pro, Upgrade from Beginnings, Conversion to Block RockiT QCT
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    None, Gold Card - 1 yr
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      Grace Company
Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.67 (Votes: 3)
Rating of votes (3)
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  • Mary Whitten
    Dec 18, 2020, 18:56
    5+ Stars! I’ve had my Block RockIT 14+ for 5 years and just added the QCT Quilt Motion. I’m not the brightest bulb and had to contact Kathy and Lynn. They were so very helpful and even followed up to make sure everything was working. Super customer service. Loving my Block RockIT. Thank you Lynn and Kathy!
    Kathy Quilts!
    Dec 24, 2020, 16:24
    Thanks Mary. It was fun n helping you.
    - Lynn

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