Kathy Quilts Online Quilting Classes

Kathy Quilts Online Quilting Classes

Learning how to quilt offers various approaches. We've identified three main paths, and we'll present them in a way that makes the most sense. We believe that focusing on Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) first can make you a better quilter compared to following pantograph patterns. It's akin to learning to ride a bike without training wheels; though you might stumble at first, you'll learn faster and gain better confidence in the process.

When it comes to learning how to quilt, there are a bunch of different approaches. We've narrowed it down to three main paths, and we're here to guide you through them in a way that makes sense. We truly believe that starting with Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) can help you become a better quilter than if you dive straight into pantograph patterns. It's like learning to ride a bike without training wheels – sure, you might stumble a bit at first, but you'll pick it up quicker and gain more confidence along the way!

We totally get it – not everyone has spare cash to subscribe to everything under the sun. But hey, we're all about keeping that training coming for you! To keep our efforts going strong, we're offering some free tips and helpful hints. But if you're looking to turbocharge your quilting skills, consider subscribing for either a month or an annual membership. You'll unlock even more perks along the way! Here is the link for subscriptions

First, you should download this ebook. (Right Click it) to save to another device.

If you already understand everything in it, feel free to move on to more advanced topics. Personally, I find that every time I read it, I still learn something new—and I wrote the book! It's always helpful to get a little reminder now and then.

Starting out 

Kathy Quilts University Intro to Machine Quilting - Subscribers Only Access - Video

How Do I do More Than Meandering or Stippling? 

Building Blocks of  Free Motion Quilting 

Making Sure My Machine is Running Properly 

Quilting Theory 

Using Pantograph Patterns Intelligently 

Quilting With Automation (Robotics) 

Building a Successful Machine Quilting Business

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