Grace Company Sure Stitch - Stitch Length Regulator for machine quilting

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Grace SureStitch - stitch length regulator

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Grace Company SureStitch Stitch Length Regulator

What is the hardest thing about quilting on a machine quilting frame? It is really hard to figure out how fast to move the machine frame carriage with respect to how fast the sewing machine is running. If you move too fast and your sewing machine is going to slow you might get huge stitches or you might break needles or thread. Machine Quilting isn't rocket science but it does take practice. 

If you are like most people and are lucky to get 20 hours of quilting in a month then you might find it is like starting all over every time you set foot in your quilting room. When you start quilting you are a bit tentative because it has been a while since you last quilted. You start out slow but your machine speed is to fast for how fast you move your carriage. You get really tiny stitches and your quilting doesn't look very good. You adjust the speed control so it goes slower and you then find that you need to move the carriage faster because the section you are working on is really easy. You can't win! What you need is something that will slow your sewing machine down when you are moving the carriage slowly and can speed up the machine when you move your carriage faster. That is exactly what the Grace SureStitch does! With the Grace SureStitch you can focus more on where and what you are quilting and less on how fast you are moving the carriage.

Setting up the Grace SureStitch

Grace SureStitch encoderThe Grace SureStitch has two encoders that tell the brain of the SureStitch what to do. When you move the carriage the wheels roll and send a signal to the brain. These come from Grace with wheels that are grooved like the wheels in your carriage. If you have the Start-Right Frame you have to use the wheel that comes with your carriage because it is a flat wheel. 

You take one of the wheels off of your upper carriage and replace it with the new wheel that is attached to the encoder. You do one wheel on the upper and one on the lower carriage. These encoders have a little plug like a telephone jack that plug into the brain. There is a power cord that plugs in the wall and a cord that replaces the foot pedal of you sewing machine. It is pretty simple to install the SureStitch.

 If you have trouble with your SureStitch you can call me and I will help you out.


How to use the Grace SureStitch - Stitch Length Regulator

There is a pulse button that you push to cycle the needle up and down so you can bring your bobbin thread up to the top of your quilt so you begin quilting. When you turn the SureStitch on it will stitch up and down very slowly, pulse mode, when you move the quilting frame carriage the sewing machine will speed up. If you move to quickly a red light on the display that indicates you need to slow down. The situation where the Grace SureStitch really shines is when you are doing continuous line quilting or following patterns or templates where you quilt for long stretches at a time and don't have to keep stopping to cut your thread. 

You can also use your SureStitch like a speed control when doing short bursts of quilting like when you use a ruler and you just quilt a few inches at a time. You push and hold in the pulse button and your sewing machine will stitch until you let go. The sewing machine will just stop. 

You can also use your SureStitch to wind bobbins on your machine. Pop the bobbin on the bobbin winder and thread it like you would normally. Since you can't really get the machine to stitch fast without moving the carriage around you can use the pulse button to wind it. Push the stitch speed button to increase the stitches until the number that displays 8, then push and hold the pulse button until the bobbin winder automatically shuts off. The SureStitch is really a cool tool to have in your quilting tool box.

More Details - Grace SureStitch - Stitch Length Regulator

Grace Speed Control with accessoriesIncluded is: the Grace SureStitch, Velcro Straps for attaching your SureStitch, instructions for how to install it, and all cords. 


  • Digital Speed Display
  • On/Off Button
  • Pulse Button (machine runs until you release it, or touch and release for a single stitch)
  • Stitch Speed Buttons
  • Velcro Straps for easy attachment to your frame.
  • Compact Ergonomic Design.

Machine Compatibility 

  • Juki - TL-2010Q, 2000Qi, TL-98Q and 98QE 
  • BabyLock - Ellageo, Ellegante, Ellengante2, Esante, Espire, Quilter's Choice Pro
  • Brother - 1500S, 1500D, 2500D, 4500D, QC 1000
  • Elna - 7100, 7200, 7300
  • Janome - 1600 (all models), 6500, 6600
  • Pfaff - Grand Quilter
  • Viking - Mega Quilter
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    Baby Lock QCP, Brother 1500S & 1600 CS, Elna 7100, 7200, 7300, Janome 1600P, Janome 6500 & 6600, Juki 2010Q & 2000Qi, Juki TL-98Q, Juki TL-98E, Pfaff Grand Quilter, 4.0, Viking Mega Quilter, Viking Sapphire 850
  • Frame
    Gracie King or Queen, Majestic, GMQ Pro, Little Gracie II, SR2 - Start-Right Frame, Pinnacle, Mini Pinni, Sturdy-Lite, Original GMQ, Inspira Imperial, John Watts Frame w/adapter, New Joy w/adapter, Handi Quilter, Next Generation Frame, PennyWinkel Ranch w/adapter, Q-Zone Hoop Frame, Bernina
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4.85 (Votes: 167)
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  • Ursula
    Dec 31, 1969, 17:00
    I wasn't sure what I was getting and if it would be difficult to setup. Once I received it, the setup was easy and my first attempt to use wasn't too bad. I need to get a feel for the sure stitch and my jukitl2000
  • MaryMansonQuilts
    Dec 31, 1969, 17:00
    I've had the SureStitch for several years. It's a great product, and really helps keep my stitches even.

    When I first got the SureStitch, it wouldn't work right, and I contacted the Grace Company and they helped me re-set the settings and it was fine. I haven't had any trouble since.

    The key for me was getting the sensors on the wheels attached correctly!
  • Anonymous reviewer
    Dec 31, 1969, 17:00
    I am having. Problems with my sure stitch. Stitching from right to left and left to right I am getting long tacking stitches and going up and down it is ok. Can you give me any advice.

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