Block RockiT 15 - longarm machine quilter

Block RockiT 15 inch Longarm Quilter

The first thing people notice about the Block Rockit is how fun it is to quilt with. It rolls so smoothly and since it only weighs 37 pounds it makes quilting easier on your shoulders and arms.

  • Stitch regulation makes starting and stopping and quilting at the speed you are comfortable with much easier.
  • Bright LED light lets you see what you are quilting
  • Large 15 x 8.5 inch throat helps you to quilt any size quilt from King size to a small wall hanging
  • Fits on a variety of Grace Machine Frames so if you have a frame there is no need to get a new one.
  • Uses large size "M" bobbins so you can quilt longer than on a domestic machine without needing to change your bobbin so often.
  • Bobbin winder with independent motor so you can wind a bobbin whenever the power is on 
  • One year warranty on electrical, two years on mechanical, and five years on the aluminum case


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