Grace Company Q'nique 15R - KathyQuilts! EDITION-Stitch Regulated 15 Inch Long Arm Machine Quilter

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15 Inch Long-Arm Machine Quilter

  • Service Plan: 1 year Electrical, 2 Mechanical, 5 Years on Aluminum Case
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This video shows the Q'nique 14+ which came out five years ago. The Q'nique 14+ and Block RockiT 14+ have always been 15 inch throat machines. The whole 14+ thing didn't really work so Kathy Quilts changed our 14+ to 15 to help people to know what they were actually buying. The Grace Company held on to the 14+ part of the Q'nique for quite a while until they finally figured out that it didn't really help. If you ever see any machine that has 14+ that is made by the Grace Company then it is a 15 inch throat long-arm quilter.

The Q'nique 15R is a long-arm quilter that is stitch regulated. That means under normal quilting conditions the length of the stitches can be the same if you move the machine faster or slower it will maintain the stitch length you set from 4 to 16 stitches per inch. There are both regulated modes and a manual mode so you can regardless of how you are quilting there is a mode to handle your project. 

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This video are included with your purchase for download. They are primarily filmed with the Block RockiT 15R but the only difference is the logo on the side of the machine, mechanically and electronically they are the same machine made by the Grace Company.

  • Adjusting the Tension on your Block RockiT
  • Cloth_Leaders
  • CrossHatching_with_KathyQuilts
  • EmmaRaeQuiltingDesigns
  • Kathys_Quick_Tips_Spirals
  • Kathys_Quick_Tips_Stars
  • Machine_Quilting_Magic
  • Wall_Hanging
  • Wall_Hanging Part 2
  • kathy's_quick_reference_cards
  • Block RockiT Basic Maintenance

We have many more videos and eBooks to help you learn how to quilt and how to use your Q'nique 15R. Kathy Quilts offers what no other Long Arm dealer can. It doesn't matter how many classes other dealers might offer, they cannot be customized like the training Kathy Quilts does.

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  • Service Plan
    1 year Electrical, 2 Mechanical, 5 Years on Aluminum Case
  • QuiltMotion 5.0 Machine Robotics
    No QuiltMotion, Standard 5.0 QCT, Beginnings, Creative Touch Upgrade
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    Q'nique 15R Machine Only, Q'nique 15R + Continuum 12 Foot, Q'nique 15R + Continuum 10 Foot, Q'nique 15R + Continuum 8 Foot, Q'nique 15R + Q-Zone Queen, Q'nique 15R + Q-Zone Hoop, Cutie Table Top Frame, GMQ Pro, Gracie King, SR2, Gracie Queen, Little Gracie II, Pinnacle, Next Generation, iQuilt Frame, Bernina Dual/Single Wheel, Inspria - Imperial W/Lower Carriage, Bernina Dual Wheel frame, Ship with Dual Wheels, Ship with Vertical Wheels, Majestic
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    No Quilting Pins, Quilting Pins (150 ct), Quilting Pins - 2 Boxes, Free Quilting Pins
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    No Clips, Add Clips, Add two sets of Clips, Show Special Quilt Clips
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    No Grace Light Bar, 10' Light Bar, Add 12' Light Bar
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