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The Grace Company makes the best machine quilting frames around the world. They are quickly becoming the frame company that many of the longarm machine frame companies have make their frames.

Finding the right model for you is very easy here at We have been selling Grace Frames longer than any other online dealer and since we only sell Grace Frames we can focus on the features and benefits of each frame.

You will need to decide if you can fit a King size frame in your quilting space. Then whether you will be getting a Juki with your machine frame. From there the rest is pretty easy. We will help you get everything you really need and not a bunch of extra junk you will never use.

No matter what the price, if you see what seems to be a better deal than / KathyQuilts EBAY please contact Lynn and he will let you know if you are getting a good deal. Click here to email Lynn

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SKU Product name   Price    
SKU17523 Bungee Clamps
  • $49.95
SKU17526 QuiltMotion Computerized Quilting System for shortarm machines
  • $4499.00
SKU17529 G-Series Carriage Upgrade for Grace Frames
  • $160.00
SKU17547 Grace Company - Grace Speed Control -
  • 19% less
  • $57.00
SKU17629 Grace Company - Machine Frame Replacement track for Grace Machine Frames -
  • $25.00
SKU1770912 Q-Zone Hoop-Frame
  • 25% less
  • $1199.95
  • $1299.00
SKU1770912-5c79a02977b094.548281 Q-Zone Queen 8 Foot Frame + Table Inserts
  • 25% less
  • $1199.95
  • $1299.00