Kathy Quilts University

Kathy and Lynn have been supporting countless quilters for the past 28 years, offering invaluable assistance with their quilting endeavors. Our extensive collection of training videos caters to specific techniques, empowering you to master any method you're eager to learn. 

We want every quilter to know that no one is born a natural quilter. Everyone learns the techniques and practices to get better. With desire and tenacity, you can become an exceptional machine quilter. Don’t limit yourself—this isn’t a competition, and everyone has different skills and abilities. You’ll discover your talent and ability, but remember, there’s always "some assembly required." Once you unlock your gift, your skills can flourish, and you can share your beautiful quilts with others.

If we don’t have a video for a technique you want to learn, we’ll make a new one just for you, and you can watch it for free! As our video library grows, we hope you’ll keep sharing new ideas with us so we can continue to support our quilting family. Welcome to the Kathy Quilts Family!


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