Cloth Leaders

The Grace Company quilting frames have the Fabri-Fast System to attach the cloth leaders to the quilting frame rails. The reason why quilting frames need cloth leaders is that there is an offset in the frame rails that would require you to add extra fabric to each quilt top so you could quilt all the way to the end of the quilt. It is less wasteful to add a cloth leader to the frame rail to compensate for the rail offset. makes leaders which are ready to install when you get them. We make a casing in both the long edges of each leader. This makes it so one edge will attach to the frame rail with the Fabri-Fast tubing and the other edge has a double thickness of fabric so you quilt top or back stays where you pin it.

You don't need a bunch of fancy markings or printing on your leaders that really serve no purpose. All you need is to know which rail you are pinning your quilt on at any given time. stamps each leader so you know which rail you are working with. This is a huge help when you are new to quilting. Other than than knowing which frame rail you are working with, all you need to know is where the center of your leader is because you always line up the center of your quilt up with the center of your leader.

Keeping things simple and functional really helps you to learn how to use your quilting frame the way it was designed. There is so much confusion that is created by companies that don't quilt but think they know all about quilting. Kathy is a professional quilter so she knows what will help you and what just wastes your money. We give you value for every dollar you spend.

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  • Cloth Leaders for Grace Machine Frames
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    Cloth Leader Set For Grace Company Machine Frames


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  • Cloth Leaders for Grace  Frames
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    Cloth Leaders for your Grace Hand Quilting Frames

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  • Cloth Leaders for Juki 2200QVP Virtuoso Machine Quilting Frame
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    Cloth Leader Set For Juki 2200QVP Virtuoso Machine Frame

    Cloth Leaders are one of the most important parts of your quilting frame. When you load a quilt on your frame you need leaders that will hold up to years of use and abuse. The Grace Company invented the Fabri-Fast System, cloth leader attachment system, for attaching your leaders. The best way to attach your leaders is by using a leader that has a casing for the Fabri-Fast tubing slide into. This method lets your leader be anchored to the frame rail but it also allows for movement of the leader from side to side. This side to side movement is one of the greatest advantages of the Grace Fabri-Fast system. If your quilt isn't perfectly square and you need to cheat the quilt top or back over a little to work a pucker out, you can do that with our leaders and the Fabri-Fast system, leaders that are attached any other way do not let you make micro adjustments. GMQ Pro leaders work on the Original GMQ  and Original Little Gracie frames too. Includes a set of three cloth leaders, Quilt Top, Quilt Back, and Quilt Take-up Rail.

    Includes Free Instructional Video Download - "Installing Cloth Leaders on a Grace Frame," and "Pinning a Quilt on a Grace Frame"

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  • Cloth Leaders for Launch Pad Frame
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    Block RockiT Launch Pad cloth leaders. 

    Includes a video on how to install your leaders

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