KathyQuilts! Block RockiT 15R - Stitch Regulated Long Arm Machine Quilter

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15 inch Long-Arm Machine Quilter

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Customize your Block RockiT and Grace Frame today for the most affordable quilting experience money can buy!

The Block RockiT is a mid arm quilter that has stitch regulation that rivals any you can find. With different modes and options you will be able quilt comfortably and beautifully at the touch of a button. 

  Call 1-888-826-0222 or send us an email at info@kathyquilts.com

Here is just a sample of the videos and eBooks that you get with our life time training program. We can customize your learning experience so it helps you to move in the direction so can become the quilter you have always dreamed of.

  • Adjusting the Tension on your Block RockiT
  • Cloth_Leaders
  • CrossHatching_with_KathyQuilts
  • EmmaRaeQuiltingDesigns
  • Kathys_Quick_Tips_Spirals
  • Kathys_Quick_Tips_Stars
  • Machine_Quilting_Magic
  • Wall_Hanging
  • Wall_Hanging Part 2
  • kathy's_quick_reference_cards
  • Block RockiT Basic Maintenance

We have many more videos and eBooks to help you learn how to quilt and how to use your Block RockiT. Kathy Quilts offers what no other Long Arm dealer can. It doesn't matter how many classes other dealers might offer, they cannot be customized like the training Kathy Quilts does.

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      54 lbs
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  • Quilting Frame Combo Options
    Machine only, Continuum II 12 Foot Frame, Continuum II 10 Foot Frame, Continuum II 8 Foot Frame, Cutie Table Top Frame, Q-Zone Queen 8 foot frame, Q-Zone Hoop Frame
  • QuiltMotion 4.0 Machine Robotics
    No QuiltMotion, Standard 4.0 QCT, Beginnings, Creative Touch Upgrade
  • Light Bar
    No Grace Light Bar, 10' Light Bar, Add 12' Light Bar
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      Grace Company
Customer reviews
Average rating:
5.00 (Votes: 27)
Rating of votes (27)
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  • Mr. Brenda Tomlinson
    Jun 23, 2017, 06:00
    I want to thank Jameson for all his help. I never quilted before I went to a class on how to make a quilt, I LOVED IT. I started looking for a quilting machine(I couldn't believe the prices) it took me about 6 months of research on all quilting machines, I finally narrowed it down to three. I called Jameson 3 times to ask questions, he was never pushy about buying he just answered my questions (he is the best). I was finally ready and had the money, I called Jameson of course to ask another question and I decided to go with Kathy Quilts. I am so glad I did. When I got my machine I was so excited, it is everything I hoped it would be. I am learning a lot about quilting and I love it. Thank you Kathy Quilts and most of all thank you Jameson for all your help and understanding. I would recommend any one looking for a quilting machine to check out Kathy Quilts. They are a company that stands behind there product. Thank you again

    Easy to use and understand. If problems just call them and they will help you out in a heart beat.

    Kathy does not put out enough videos for learning quilting skills, Please do more videos on you tube.
    I like the ones that are out but they are to few. NEED MORE of your great teaching talents
  • Mrs. Linda Curry
    Mar 10, 2017, 20:13
    I was one of the first BR owners three years ago this month, having purchased at the Lancaster Quilt show in March of 2014! It was the best investment I have made in regards to my quilting. I visit Lynn and Kathy every year at Lancaster. I had a problem, which was only once, and Lynn sent me to Grace Co. right away. They were wonderful in solving my problem. I have done 15" blocks for a customer and they turned out beautiful. I did them half at a time.

    The Grace frame has been perfect for me as I am short. I also float quilts instead of rolling on the backing some of the time. I don't even need to use the long clamps on the front rail most of the time. I've done 19 quilts in the last year on my BR. Each time I change the bobbin I only oil the hook race, I will also oil the machine when it starts getting noisier.

    I can do anything on this frame that I want. I have done 15" blocks for a customer and they turned out beautiful. I did them half at a time. I don't need a big expensive quilter to have my quilts turn out beautifully.

    I can't think of any disadvantages to owning the Block RockiT. While I thought maybe a deeper machine would be good, a post on the Block RockiT Yahoo Group made me realize I have short arms so a 21" throat might be a stretch for me.
  • Mrs. Lorraine Kovar
    Feb 25, 2017, 05:00
    I loved the Block RockiT so much I bought two. I have a sit down table and one on a frame. I have not had any major problems at all. I am still learning how to quilt on the frame version but the sit down is just like a regular sewing machine with more throat room. Only time I have had tension issues is when I attempted to use two different threads. It didn't like that. Changed to the same thread in top and bobbin and I was sailing along. The few issues I have had were taken care of by the stellar customer service at Kathy Quilts. Most issues were me not understanding or me doing it wrong. Jamieson is very patient and will keep explaining what is needed to make you happy.

    Both machines are easy to handle. I do wish it was easier to get the bobbin in but that is my complaint with my regular sewing machine! I can't wait to retire so I can quilt more often. The 15" throat will allow me to quilt just about any quilt that I do. I don't do 12" - 14" quilt blocks on point but I am betting I could quilt those as well. It would just require more planning. The stitches are smooth and I haven't had an issue with bobbin thread nesting or skipping.

    The only disadvantage is the instruction booklet. Sometimes it is not clear. This is how I got to meet Jamieson by phone! I think it assumes knowledge that quilters may not have. It might make sense if you know the machine but when you first get it be sure to take the time to really understand what the instructions say. Then it will be smooth sailing.
  • Mrs. Joanne Cimo
    Jan 3, 2017, 07:42
    Set up my Block Rockit yesterday. I am in love. Still playing with tension but certainly not the nightmare people have made it out to be. Looking pretty good already! Looking forward to many years of use with my new toy.

    Can be used on my Grace SR2 frame, which is the biggest frame I have room for. Great amount of quilting area for a mid arm machine. Seems very well made.

    None so far.
  • Donna Coakley
    Apr 16, 2014, 10:12
    I have had some time to do some practicing and real quilting on my new Block RockiT. I named her Bonnie.....My Bonnie BRI. And she is that. Everything worked perfectly. I was ready for some issues with tension, as almost every new machine has something, but I only had to adjust the bobbin with a 5 minute turn on that screw and then only a half a revolution on the top tension. As far as I can tell, it is making a perfect stitch with my essentials pro thread from Connecting Threads. I love how the stitch regulator comes to a full stop when I do. The Grace Sure Stitch with my Juki could not do that. The software to change settings is so easy to use, also. I have the new Start Right 2 frame and the BRI glides around very easily and smoothly. This is going to be an excellent machine for me for a long time!!! Thanks, Lynn and Kathy for all your hard work in developing the Block RockiT. It is living up to all its advertising, and that is amazing! Donna and Bonnie in Elk Grove CA

    trustworthy responsive customer service!, easy to use software, ability to change buttons for right or left handed quilters, wonderful stitch regulator, separate bobbin winder motor, easy access when changing bobbin, clear and simple directions in the owners manual, beautiful stitch with thread I like, outstanding machine especially at this price!

    Compared to my Juki 98Q, I miss the tool holder on the carriage handles and my thread cutter, but the big longarm machines don't have these either, so...no disadvantages.

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